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Sort of. Any item listings that say “make your own” let you customize what design and color you would want, based on what limited blanks I have readily available. Beyond that, no custom orders will be taken at the moment.

I have an affinity for pineapples because it’s a tropical fruit that reminds me of sunshine and happiness, and I have island blood. They’re sweet and can be rough around the edges, like me. They’re divinely createdΒ (look up β€œpineapple Fibonacci sequence” and β€œpineapple fields” if you care to learn more)Β and the way they grow fascinates me.
I decided to make my pineapple neon because I’ve ALWAYS been attracted to neon. Neon can be obnoxious, and demand attention, just like me. I have a soft spot for anything that glows orΒ has a different appearance or effect under different conditions. I feel like my aura is neon.

That’s a great question…the honest answer is that I really don’t know. I’ve always had a knack for art. My love for it has grown as I’ve grown.

I use Autodesk Sketchbook and Vectornator the most. They’re completely free and I highly recommend them for digital artists. Procreate is used on occasion.

For digital painting, I use my handy dandy iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

I’m based in Columbus, Ohio…and WILLING TO TRAVEL!

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