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My shirt has a vinegar smell…what’s up with that?

You may notice a vinegar smell when unpacking your tee. This comes from the eco-friendly pre-treatment/fixation agent that is applied during the printing process to help the ink adhere to the fabric. Without it, the ink would flake off. Don’t worry, this is NOT permanent and comes out after the […]

What was the inspiration for your logo?

I have an affinity for pineapples because it’s a tropical fruit that reminds me of sunshine and happiness, and I have island blood. They’re sweet and can be rough around the edges, like me. They’re divinely createdΒ (look up β€œpineapple Fibonacci sequence” and β€œpineapple fields” if you care to learn more)Β and […]

What apps do you use for digital art?

I mainly use Procreate ($10) for both my photomanipulations and illustrations. Sometimes I’ll do finishing touches in Photoshop and/or Lightroom (on the Creative Cloud plan, about $20/mo). For vector-based projects, I use Vectornator ($free.99). When I first started, I used Autodesk Sketchbook ($free.99). I still highly recommend it (especially if […]